Data Recovery

Nuphix will work with you to create a personalized data recovery plan for your hard drive, flash drive, memory card or just about any device that stores data. No matter how bad of shape your device may seem to be in, you can trust that we will do everything possible to retrieve your lost memories and important documents.


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  • Level 1: $250
  • Level 2: $500
  • Level 3: $1250


Data recovery is tricky business, based on your data recovery needs and the condition of your data and device, prices may vary. Call us for details.


Service Options Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Diagnostic fee included in total cost
Recover deleted files from storage device that is in good working order
Storage device requires advanced recovery methods or a custom recovery solution such as a formatted or failing hard drive
Storage device is physically damaged or requires extreme recovery procedures

[toggle title=”What kind of data can Nuphix recover?”]We can recover data ranging from music to photos, files and more, we will attempt to save any and all data.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What does Nuphix need in order to recover my data?”]We will need your physical computer or storage device. Just give us a call to arrange shipping or arrange a local off-site pick up.[/toggle]